03 March 2017


Millie can only be described as the epitome of an Elite Leeds escort within the industry. She is a real stick of dynamite who has the ability to uplift almost anyone who is lucky enough to share her time and company. She has the tremendous capability of entertaining gentlemen of all status and is very comfortable in doing so. Her confidence, in turn, enables her to be extremely adaptable and is a Master Class to perfection in the many roles she is faced with as an Elite escort. Being pretty, slim, sexy, seductive, funny, you name it, she has it.

If you require a date packed full of excitement from the beginning to the end of your date, or if you would prefer a more relaxing approach and see the empathetic and very much caring side of Millie, she can adapt to whatever is required of her which takes a young lady who is a Scholar Escort in her own rights to be able to perfect and achieve such tasks put before her. After meeting Millie, I can comfortably say, she has the rear ability to accommodate even the most adventurous of fantasies or personal desires (and believe me, she has experienced many) leaving no room for disappointment.

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On meeting Millie, what was to be a brief encounter soon became a full afternoon of light-hearted, enjoyable conversation and amazing company. So on booking Millie, make sure you book plenty of time as I can guarantee extra time with Millie will be your first request when re-booking to see her again and be reassured, you will definitely be back for more.


Encounters available through the new Red Rose!

Since Red Rose has undertaken new management in recent months, agency popularity has surged! This, in part is due to Millie and our other extraordinary girls.

As a top ranking Leeds escort agency, we try to offer many services and accommodate our clients as much as we possibly can which leaves us no option but to introduce Millie also as Danni the Dominatrix Diva as well as Poppie the Play Girl. She really does have many feathers in her cap and lucky for you, not only possesses and boasts a kinky side to her (which I am sure you may be very pleased to hear about) but also a more playful girlie girl side whereupon to dress up for you is her forte and passion. This in turn puts her right in the zone of her role play, enabling her to join in and fulfil your fantasy which makes your date natural, effortless and much more enjoyable for the both of you.